Higher Education and Work-Life Professionals:

Our Higher Education and Work-Life Professionals sessions address issues and concerns that are commonly seen in today’s job seekers and students alike. Our sessions are designed to empower students and professionals with the knowledge, tools and information that will aid them in having more productive professional careers and equip them with knowledge that can enhance their academic and career pursuits.

Professional Empowerment Sessions

Using LinkedIn as an Active or Passive Job Seeker:

LinkedIn is currently one of the most effective sites for finding employment opportunities, internships and encountering hiring managers. We will navigate how to use LinkedIn as a Passive and/ or Active Job Seeker and we will discuss leveraging and optimizing LinkedIn accounts to make recruiters seek you out and glean opportunities that may be otherwise unavailable.

Elevating Your Career to the Next Level:

Many employees in today’s job sector do not take an active role in promoting their career. This session is geared towards providing job seekers constructive information and tactics that they can implement within their professional lives that will help them to strategically and purposefully improve their careers.

Writing Resumes that SELL:

As a job seeker, your resume is your most important marketing tool that you can use and it will either help to further your position and attract recruiters or it can deter hiring managers from calling. This session is geared towards helping to customize effective resumes that attract attention and help position job seekers in a more positive light.

Networking Your Way into Success:

I've often heard it said; Either you're networking or you're NOT working! Networking is a pivotal method of sourcing opportunities that most people are otherwise unaware. We will explore the world of networking as well as the do's and don'ts that work in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that will help to augment your company.

Interviewing for Life:

This session is designed to equip college students and work-life professionals with information, insight and advice that will help to most effectively attract employers. We will provide tips to students and professionals that will help to alleviate fear and anxiety when interviewing for life’s situations.

Introduction to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the best and most effective ways to source job opportunities, meet hiring managers and network with like-minded, industry professionals today. This session is designed to introduce working professionals and students to the site and will provide an introduction to the purpose of LinkedIn as well as benefits and effective navigation of the site.


While it is discouraging that the average person is not comfortable negotiating salary and job offers; we will help students to learn how to leverage their skills, abilities, evaluate options within financial packages and potentially obtain more lucrative opportunities.

Setting Yourself up for Success:

Transitioning from high school to college and college to the professional world can be a very challenging time in the life of any person. This session is geared towards assisting college freshmen and seniors through their transitions and will provide them with the tools and insight to successfully navigate through their collegiate experience and into the professional world.

Social Media Isn't Just Social:

As we all know, the internet can be one of the best ways to find job opportunities. This session focuses on helping students to navigate their career path, identify additional scholarships, provide insight on dedicated job sites and information on how to use social media to their advantage while pursuing professional opportunities.

Selling the Sizzle:

One of the biggest struggles that job seekers find when entering the job market is how to effectively articulate what they have done and making it relevant for employers. This session will teach students how to more effectively verbalize career objectives and future aspirations and it also encourages students to strive for higher professional and academic excellence.

Protecting your Brand:

In this session, we will discuss managing relationships and the mental preparedness necessary to be successful and live the life of your dreams. This session stresses the value of making good decisions, thinking before you react and ensuring that you are a direct reflection of how you want to be seen.

Making Job Fairs WORK for You:

Job and Career Fairs are excellent opportunities to market yourself to potential employers, however, most typically do not have a prepared plan for attending these events. We will equip students with the information to help them make job fairs work for their benefit and discuss tips and techniques that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Shaping Your Future:

We will discuss current and future trends in the employment market, focusing on growing industries in high demand and assists students with customizing career paths and identifying areas of strength.