Middle & High School Student Sessions

Regional Consulting’s Empowerment Sessions address issues and concerns that are commonly seen in interactions with today’s job seekers, students and professionals alike. Our sessions are designed to empower students, individuals and professionals with the knowledge, tools and information that will aid them in having more productive professional careers and equip individuals for greater success within their future endeavors. Sessions can be customized in accordance with audience needs/ attendees and our current session topics include, but are not limited to:

Educational Transition Sessions

Setting Yourself up for Success:

Transitioning from middle to high school or high school to college can be a very challenging time in the life of any student. This session is geared towards assisting eighth graders, high school freshmen, high school seniors or college freshmen or seniors through their transitions and will provide them with the tools and insight to successfully navigate through their HS, collegiate or professional experience

Your Dress CAN Determine Your Success:

This session addresses initial perceptions that are made about people, which is based on first-impressions. We will also discuss how to set yourself apart when partaking in various types of interviews at the different stages in life and other trends.

Shaping your Future:

We will discuss current and future trends in the employment market, focusing on growing industries that are in high demand and assists students with customizing career paths and identifying areas of strength. We will also take career assessments that identity the best possible careers that are customized based on individualized student temperament.

Social Media and Grit Sessions

Managing Your Social Media Image:

As recent reports have proven, social media can have a tremendous impact on how you are perceived and even affect employability. We focus on helping students and individuals realize the importance of the messages that they send both verbally and non-verbally through the use of social media and how it can potentially affect their lives and careers


One of the most rampant problems within schools, ranging from Elementary to High School, College and beyond is bullying. Bullying has become an expected norm in society and often times; students are unaware of what they can do to deter the problem. This session is geared towards helping students to identify and prevent bullying and provides insight as to how to become part of the solution.

Social Media Isn’t Just Social:

As we all know, the internet can be one of the best ways to find job opportunities. This session focuses on helping students navigate their career path, provide insight on dedicated job sites and how to use social media to their advantage while pursuing professional opportunities.

Protecting your Brand:

In this session, we will discuss managing relationships and the mental preparedness necessary to be successful and live the life of your dreams. This session stresses the value of making good decisions, thinking before you react and ensuring that you are a direct reflection of how you want to be seen.

Living Above the Influence:

Discusses the impact that life choices can have on your future and also focuses on helping to increase student accountability for the decisions that they make .

Conflict Resolution:

In the words of Charles Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” In today’s society, people are faced with challenging situations on a regular basis and this session is designed to address how to most effectively resolve conflicts that may be encountered in school and general life

Introduction to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is currently one of the most effective sites for finding employment opportunities, internships and encountering hiring managers. We will navigate how to use LinkedIn as a Passive and/ or Active Job Seeker and we will discuss leveraging and optimizing LinkedIn accounts to make recruiters seek you out and glean opportunities that may be otherwise unavailable.

Leadership Training Sessions

Leading from the Front/ The Choice is YOURS:

This session will focus on the need for students to maintain focus, accountability and responsibility within their academic and professional lives. We will also encourage students to be more effective leaders and promote self-motivation as a factor in their careers rather than settling for status quo and following what everyone else is doing.

Student Athlete Sessions

99 Problems:

This session is geared towards student athletes where they will have an intimate discussion with a former professional athlete that will discuss the financial challenges and perils that students may face going into higher academia as well as professional sports.

Dealing with the Media:

Often times, student athletes do not receive media training, which can negatively impact their reputation. This session is geared towards student athletes and will be led by a former professional athlete or media personality who will discuss how to communicate effectively with the media while ensuring student reputations as well as school and organizational images are not negatively impacted by unfavorable media perceptions .

Aspiring for Greatness:

This session is geared towards student athletes who aspire to compete in professional athletics. Students will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with former athletes giving insight.